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Crank for Large. New acid-proof model

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Crank for Autosett sniper cord, fits Large and Extreme.

Now acid-proof model with self-lubricating bronze bearing. 2 stainless steel splinters to attach the snare cord to the crank.

Now adapted for line control.

Suitable for Autosett Large with aluminum reinforcement. (Models of Autosett Large marked "for crank").

With a crank, a person can easily manage to fish with 5 - 15 Autoset sniper lines alone in deep water. It was very heavy before when one pulled a few by hand alone.

If you fish alone, it is a new world with a crank! Cod, ling and tusk come up as a game with the crank. You can also fish directly with Autosett sniper line in the crank. Very fun.

See more on YouTube.

Technical info.

Weight: 3.3 kg.

Dimensions: L 41 cm x W 13 cm x H 7 cm

Material: Stainless steel.



Developed and owned by Autosett AS

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