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About us

Autosett AS

A specialized fish shop online. An online store with a carefully selected assortment of sniper lines, bottom lines and efficient fishing equipment for the little ones as well. Fiskefanger and Krabbefanger were the first products to be launched by Autosett AS's products that went on sale in 2003. It was a success, appeared on TV 2 Nyheten and in lots of newspapers. The kids were in great shape and caught 10 fish in no time! Dad and Mom thought it was as much fun as the kids.

Autosett Large came in the store in 2006 in a small edition. Autosett AS starts further development in 2017 of three new models of Autosett sniper line. We also developed a stainless steel crank for Autosett Large and found that it turned out so well that we needed a flagman on the sniper lines when we fished far from land. We made a connection between Flagman and Autosett Large. It started with a sniper line that has now become three Autosett sniper lines for sea, fjord and fresh water.

Autosett AS started an online store in February 2019 and sells fishing equipment. We are very proud of the Autosett series, which is made of fully molded plastic with handles and weights integrated in the snip cord. Built to last a long time with stainless steel hooks from Mustad and complete with weights of 1.3 kg. We are constantly in contact with the factory and ensure the quality of production.

Autosett AS is currently responsible for production and distribution. We are working on new products now that I hope will appeal to those who want exciting fishing in deep water. Autoset bottom line is nice to combine with angling to ensure a little more catch. Because we do not want the wife standing on the stairs and grinning and saying you did not get anything today either.


All our products are based on self-developed design, and protected through, among other things, patent pending, pattern protection and trademark protection.






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