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6 pack. Autosett small - Perfect for trout fishing

Autosett AS

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6 pack with Autosett Small fishing gear with snip cord / bottom cord. Perfect fishing equipment for trout fishing

NB: Finally in stock again, these are popular

Put out 6 of these in the evening, and it will take something for you not to have freshly cooked trout, perch etc for breakfast.

The tools set themselves! Fishes by itself. Instructions for use: Loosen the weight, place the bait on hooks and release. The line rolls out until the weight reaches the bottom and stops. Autosets are now anchored and floating. The fishing has started!

Autosett small is a small mini snare cord for fresh water.

Very fun to fish with the small, it swings fast like a propeller when you put it! Big and small just smile.   You see it when it nibbles, because the tool swings around and releases string. Autoset sniper line is nice to combine with angling. This will increase the catch and excitement. It is an advantage to have a boat for Autosett small. You can also put it out in the evening and pull it out in the morning. Fun at the cabin to pull 4 - 6 Autoset before and after breakfast. Effective for trout and perch. This is wonderfully exciting for the little ones but just as fun for the adults. Uses earthworms for bait.

On YouTube you can see more about car kits. See the photos from the authentic fishing trip.


Weight: 200 grams.

Weight: 300 grams.

Hooks: 2 ground hooks no. 6 ( Mustad )

Line: 20 meters (0.45 mm)

Dimensions: 160 mm x 68 mm x 60 mm

Materials: Plastic, rubber, nylon and steel.

Packaging: Plastic and cardboard.

Maintenance: Flush with fresh water and store inside.

Recycling: Plastic in plastic waste and hooks in metal recycling.

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