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5 pk Autosett Extreme / for crank

Autosett AS

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Autosett Extreme fishing gear with snip cord / bottom cord. Developed for crank.

The tool sets itself! Fishing by itself! Instructions for use: Loosen the weight, place the bait on hooks and release. The line rolls out until the weight reaches the bottom and stops. Autosets are now anchored and floating. The fishing has started!

Autosett Ekstrem is a newly developed sniper line in design and user-friendliness. This is complete with weights and handles so that it is easy to pick up from the sea. It is reinforced so that you can roll it up with a crank.

5 pk. Autosett Extreme With Crank

On YouTube you can see more about Autosett Large.


Weight: 2540 Grams.

Weight: 1300 Grams.

Hook: 4 pcs. Mustad No. 5 stainless.

Lace: 120 meters.

Dimensions: 340 mm x 235 mm x 50 mm

Materials: Plastic, nylon, aluminum, steel and stainless steel.

Packaging: Cardboard and plastic.

To use an Autoset sniper line: Loosen the weight from the sniper line, attach the bait to the hooks and release. Autoset sniper line rolls out by itself, when the weight has reached the bottom it stops fishing. You can fish with many Autosets at once while having a coffee or fishing with a rod. Autosets can be rolled up with a crank, this allows a man to fish with 10 Autosets at once without having to worry about it being too heavy to roll them up alone. As bait we use mackerel, shrimp, herring and field. If you have sonar and chart plotter, it's fantastic! You can then navigate over a top, hole or edge as you see fish on the echo sounder and release the line in the right place. If you put out several Autosets, you may want to try out a little different depths to find out where the fish are. If you have chart plotters, it is okay to plot where you put them or just put on a tow line so that it is easy to find them again.

Flagman: It is a good idea to put on a flagman / flag buoy so that you can find the Autosett sniper line again if you are fishing far from land.

Maintenance: Rinse with fresh water and store inside.

Recycling: Plastic in plastic waste and hooks and aluminum in metal recycling.

The Directorate of Fisheries requires that all fixed gear be marked with name and address!

Developed and owned by Autosett AS

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