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Family Fishing package

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Family package, consisting of small and large fish catcher and crab catcher.

Fish catcher small. Diameter 27 cm. (new size)

No hooks or sharp objects that could harm the fish or the fisherman. Fun and safe fishing with the fish catcher!

Fish catcher Large. Diameter 33 cm.

The children can get 100 fish in one hour. The fish catcher is made to catch small fish from the pier edge, and is a super light hoof that is lowered to the bottom, where the small fish stand. When the fish comes to sniff the bait, the child pulls the line and catches small fish in a short time. When we let children try Fiskefangeren on Tømmerstø pier, we got around 100 fish in one hour. This is the ideal fishing gear for children on the pier.

It is extra fun that the fish catcher turns out to "work" on many fish species, from small fish and flounder in salt water to carp and perch in fresh water. We emphasize telling parents and children that the fish should be carefully placed in a tub of water, and then released again, says Sigbjørn Endresen who has developed the Fish Catcher. The fishing gear is otherwise designed so that it does not damage the fish. Take good care of the fish. Remember that fish need fresh water.
Release the fish into the sea when the game is over. This is a safe and fun toy. Dirty fishing!


An easy way to catch crabs

Instructions for use:

1. Put bait on the needle, fish, shrimp, shells or cures.

2. Lower the crab catcher to the bottom and wait for a crab to eat the bait.

Carefully pull up and place the crab in a bucket of fresh water. Release the crabs when the game is over.

FamilyFun Fish and Crab Fishing


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